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Diet and Health


Maintain your health.

ProfBiotics believes that a healthy diet is the first step to supporting the body and normal health.

What can health supplements do?

To help maintain normal health it is essential to include certain nutrients in your diet. While the best way to get these nutrients is by eating the foods that contain them, it is not always easy to get enough from food alone. For example, you would need to eat around seven medium-sized raw tomatoes every day to get a 20mg of lycopene. 

Diet and Health

Maintaining a normal healthy state relies on many factors. These might include taking enough exercise, avoiding common chemicals, some of which may be encountered quite innocently and by eating certain foods but reducing those cooked in a particular way such as barbecued or smoked food. Family history can also play a role in understanding our own situation. As our nutritional understanding develops there is increasing evidence to support the role of diet in complementing a healthy lifestyle. 

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